Monday, February 16, 2009

Save the Kangaroos

Edited: I decided to switch to the serger and am using some nice soft flannel sheets for the pouches. To start the seam on the bags, I have clipped the seam allowance about two inches down. To finish off the seams, I have encased the serger tails into the seam allowances above the clip that are folded over and machine-sewn to finish them off. (pictures below)

One of the devastating effects of the Aussie bushfires has been the injury to animals. There are rescue groups taking care of baby animals that are hurt or lost their mothers in the fire. They need pouches for these animals, to take the place of their mother's pouch. I belong to the Sergeit list, where an effort is being put forth to make knitted (or other woolen fabric) pouches and  cotton liners to assemble pouches for these poor little baby animals. I am a slow knitter, so I opted to sew liners. They go together fast, and will be so useful to the groups handling the rescue.It is a small thing to do, but maybe it will help an animal in need. I love animals and can't stand it when I hear of hurting animals, or heartless dumping of animals. If you love kitties, a very good book is Dewey. It is about a rescued kitty who became the beloved library cat in Spencer, Iowa. Enough blogging, back to the little kangaroo bags!!


Donna said...

Hi Ann!

Here's a slideshow with a rescue that was on the news. I would gladly adopt!

:) donna

(PS...sorry it's a long link!)

Heather said...

The baby animals will love these. They look so nice and cozy! =o)