Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is a little decorative floursack towel. I sketched the owl and digitized it, creating the stitching so that it resembles a hand-embroidered backstitch, also known as redwork. Owls are popular now, so I had to join the frenzy and come up with a cute one! If I do more of these, each one will be unique because I will use my button stash for the eyes, and I have all kinds. These particular buttons said "Made in Italy". There were 3 on a card for $2.75...I hope I didn't really pay that much!!! My camera has an issue...seems to be 2 spots on the lense that show up on every photo. I am not sure how to remedy this. Perhaps it is the CF card...heaven knows it has been in and out of the camera a million times and perhaps has developed a flaw. Here are a couple more photos of this towel. I think I may even try stitching this design on one of my microfiber towels just to see how that goes.... This towel has been listed on my Etsy shop. I think that a Zak happy spoon and this towel would make a great gift.



DelorumRex said...
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Heather said...

I love this towel! The buttons for his eyes are darling! You are'd be a great gift with a ZAK spoon!