Thursday, February 12, 2009

Healthy Living

The items pictured are an attempt on the part of my whole family to get healthier in the new year. The little Healthy Living journals took longer to make than I anticipated. Also, I punched the covers incorrectly, so that they didn't line up with the pages, which necessitated remaking the covers. Moral of the story...start out by punching ONE booklet and see how that goes!!! Then do the other seven! I made one for myself, one for each of my five daughters, one for my sister, and one for my sister-in-law. The embroidered towel is part of the package, too. The design is offered on the Bernina website, and is given to those who make a donation to the American Heart Association. I thought it tied in nicely with the theme of getting healthy. I will give these out as a sort of Valentines gift, since I really didn't get in gear quickly enough, and have been cited as the REASON why no one can stick to their exercise and eating routine!!! We all NEED the journals, ha....we'll see how it goes!
Heather took pictures of the individual journal pages here.

The journals have several pages with pockets for inserts. One is for exercise. I printed out 12 narrow pages, one for each month, with spaces to enter any exercise done for that day. Another pocket has inserts for recording your vital statistics, and hopefully seeing a change. We will record these things quarterly. Another pocket, and one which might be the most important, is for tips, tricks, strategies, motivational writings...anything that will help encourage each other in the quest to be healthy. I have offered to compile and print these off and give or mail to all of us to include in the journal. Oh, and lete's not forget recipes. Another page has a pretty band with a huge paperclip for compiling great tasting healthy recipes. Again, I will take care of the printing (and will maybe fancy them up, because I love an excuse to use my stamps, ink and paper for any reason).

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very do such great work.....good luck with your healthy choices..your site is just great...