Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to My Blog!

I want to take a moment to welcome you to my blog and give a bit of the Dishtowel Dame's history. The whole idea began several years ago....I have always enjoyed embroidering dishtowels, from the time I was a kid embroidering the backstitch by hand, up to today, embroidering on my 15-needle commercial embroidery machine. I love color and really is quite fun to choose or create designs for specific occasions, or just for no reason at all. Actually, for awhile, I would give a dishtowel to someone rather than a birthday card. (that has changed now that I also am into the recipients get a card and a dishtowel) One day it struck me that a business could be created, with the sole product being a dishtowel. Of course I had to find THE towel, a FABULOUS towel that would meet my standards for quality. It had to be absorbent, colorfast, non-shrinking, lint-free and PRETTY!! The microfiber waffleweave towel that I offer meets all of these requirements. You will love it!

These towels make fabulous gifts. They can be customized for any occasion. They are decorative and very useful. I think people appreciate it so much when a gift is actually functional, and when it is pretty as well, then that is a bonus.

I love to embroider dishtowels (have I already said that?)....first of all, it is a flat item which makes it "embroidery-friendly". A dishtowel can be "presented" in various ways. I like to roll them up and tie with a ribbon. Or fold in thirds and tie with a ribbon. If you choose to give a gift basket the dishtowel can become the "star" item in the basket. The design on the towel can set the theme for the basket. I have some other ideas regarding basket gifts. Stay tuned and tomorrow I will talk about that.

If you have a moment, check out the towels currently available in The Dishtowel Dame's Etsy store. Remember, the towels can also be personalized. Generally I charge $5 for a name. If more text is needed, such as a date, or Congratulations , etc., we can always discuss the additional charge, before you purchase.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here is a link to my Etsy store.


Anonymous said...

Great website!!

Bonnie said...

Great blog! I enjoyed your Etsy store and website! Love your towels. My current one from you is hanging in my kitchen as a decoration. It will eventually become functional for drying dishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann!

The website is great, and the towels are beautiful! I definitely love my towels I got from you!