Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cute & Useful Gift!

Gift-giving can be a real chore. But what if a gift existed that would fit every occasion? My answer would be that such a gift already exists...the lowly dishtowel!!! The dishtowel can be personalized to fit the occasion, they are pretty and are an inexpensive decorative item for the home, and most importantly, it is something that is definitely usable. We all would like to think that our gifts get used by the recipient. With a dishtowel gift, you can be guaranteed that the recipient will use it and will love it!

The Dishtowel Dame hopes to offer the Confetti line of zak!designs (colorful kitchen items) real soon. The Confetti line is made from recycled melamine. A small bowl with a dishtowel inside makes an affordable and fun gift. I have gifted some of my friends with these sets and they have been very well received. I first learned of the confetti bowl when my sister gave me an orange one at Halloween...I was so impressed with the fact that it was cute, and also by the fact that it was made from recycled materials. Check my Etsy shop in a couple of weeks, when the gift sets will be offered.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Those bowls are really cute!

Anonymous said...

I love those bowls too and the dishtowels seem to place perfectly inside them!