Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sewing Drawstring Bags

My friend, Linda, mentioned to me the other day just how much she loves a little drawstring bag I gave to her last year...that she uses it to hold electronics cords and other miscellaneous stuff, esp. when she travels. 

I had recalled taking some photos of the construction process, so decided to do a little blog post. Disclaimer: There are many varieties of drawstring bags. This series of steps is the way I find works best for me. I have tried different methods over the years. This particular design might be the method used by others as well, but it is one derived by myself through trial and error, and is not "copied" from anyone else's pattern. 

Cut two pieces of fabric 12" x 9". Serge around all 4 sides of each piece. 

With regular sewing machine and straight stitch, RST, stitch side seams (1/4" seam allowance)...BE SURE TO STOP 2" from top edge of bag on each side, and back-tack securely.

Press seams open and stitch down the seam allowances on that 2" open portion, to secure them. 

Stitch bottom seam RST. (not shown) Bring bottom seam and side seam together and stitch across. Do this on both sides to form the gussetted bottom. You can stitch across at whatever depth you prefer. A small amount makes a small bottom to the bag, and a larger amount will make a squattier bag. 

Fold & press top edge down 1" and stitch around to form the casing. 

Cut two 24" lengths of white cotton cording. Thread them thru the casings and knot them, to form a drawstring closure. 

These bags can be made in any size. The nice thing with serging the edges is that you won't experience any fraying. A larger size would make a nice shoe bag. Smaller sizes might work well for stashing jewelry in a suitcase. 


Heather Raggett said...

I love our "Grab n Go" little drawstring diaper bag!

Dishtowel Dame said...

This comment is just a test.