Monday, July 7, 2014

Fireflies in a Jar!

I have been making some "towel bibs" for the little ones in the family. These seem to be the best style of bib...the babies don't seem to mind these like they do the velcro-style, or the tie-style or plastic bibs. These bibs do a good job of covering the clothes, and are cute as well. I use bar mop towels that are approx. 18" x 18", or I cut the bottom off of a dishtowel to size. For the neckhole, I draw a circle using a CD, going about 1/4" outside of the edge of the CD. Then I cut out that circle. A 13" piece of ribbing is then attached to form the crewneck.  

The design on this bib is from Urban Threads. I love how the neon thread makes the fireflies glow!

This design of the flag was stitched onto bibs for the kids to wear at my sister's annual Memorial Day party.

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